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repurchased says the boy is in edward snowden's court him his search for asylum and blames washington for the whistle blows extended stay at moscow's sheremetyevo airport. outrage in america after the killer of a blank teenager walks free with racism to choose hazing up made continuing protests nationwide. and takis in denial with a highly sensitive altie report that israel used to take a schmoo tree base during a recent and strike on neighboring syria. this is all see coming to life from moscow how very well welcome to the program.
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former n.s.a. and cia contractor edward snowden will need moscow as soon as he can that's according to russia's president vladimir putin it's not and has been holed up in the transit zone of sheremetyevo airport just outside the capital for more than three weeks and i am my colleague why are we so shy spoke to aussies and your farmer the latest was clear in his tone that the still no end in sight really to this snowden saga and he also said that a large large part of the responsibility for that should be laid at america's door just three days ago edward snowden did say he was going to apply for political asylum from russia but he's still not made an official application of mr putin said he was still unclear about his situation but what was very clear in his words was the fact that russia should not be blamed as snowden now enters his fourth week in limbo in the transit zone of moscow's sheremetyevo airport we should.
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just be glad we didn't invite edward snowden and russia wasn't his final destination anyway he was in transit soon as he began his journey his route was revealed and our u.s. partners effectively blocked his for the flight they were made of the countries afraid of taking him but no one wants to so he ended up blocked on our territory so our snowden remains are locked in legal limbo as you were saying a moment ago but what about further leaks of classified data any more to come well if you go by what he said in his press conference on friday at sheremetyevo airport there in principle he said that he had agreed to back track and except russia's precondition for asylum and that was it was not going to damage the u.s. further but we do know that he has plenty of information up his sleeve which could do that and that was explained by the journalist who broke this story on the guardian newspaper he's in possession of literally thousands of documents that contain very specific blueprints that would allow somebody who. to know exactly how
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the n.r.c. . does what it does which would in turn oil there by either two of the surveillance or to replicate it. i was talking about that he has basically the instruction manual for how the n.s.a. is built so we can hear from that response the u.s. should perhaps still be worried although they will be keeping their fingers crossed that he does keep his pledge. of this asylum from russia it's also worth noting that of course russia does not have an extradition treaty with the u.s. so mr snowden will remain here while that is the case and also we should point out that when mr putin is asked what will happen next he said how should i know this is his fate in other words the ball is in edward snowden's cotton it is up to him to make the next move and make this official for asylum or put the story of mr starting to the side just for a moment of the russian president embarking on yet another adventure of what can you tell us about that well that's right he made these comments about snowden just
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after resurfacing from being. in a submarine at the bottom of the baltic sea was actually looking at the remnants of the frigate called leg which sank in eight hundred sixty nine after being hit by another vessel if you remember mr putin has already been at the bottom of lake by cal he's already been scuba diving in the black sea this time he didn't find any treasure but he did come back to report that or leg was in good condition. just a few minutes away the grim reality of a life of addiction or poor from pakistan a country where our correspondent discovered people are injecting drugs oh believe is treat until they have little else in their lives. that's coming up later for you right now civil rights leaders in the you are surviving more protests over the acquittal of neighborhood watch god george zimmerman who died an unarmed black teenager last year issues of racial hatred are again at the forefront
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people have been left outrage across the country with police trying to calm the anger felt on the streets and season a partner has more now from new york. new yorkers are now back on the streets for us as a. justice for trayvon rallies to protest in illinois even says they're outraged with a hunger for view of the george zimmerman we all knew that more than eight hundred thousand people had signed their name position that was put forth by the double a c. d. e. coli for the u.s. justice department to open a prosecution against george zimmerman on civil rights charges. as as we see the anger and the outrage is still boiling from coast to coast seems like now that that this verdict has been rendered it feels like it's open season like we all have a target on our back not just from the police so we don't just worry about the
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police now have to worry about some crazy races person killing us and claiming self-defense you know what i think it strikes home because here in new york even though it's such a diverse city we still you know see that kind of racism and discrimination on a day to day basis there's a heavy police presence right now so. the reality is. so far demonstrators have spilled out of the union square park and are walking through . manhattan below the park and of course they are surrounded by police officers on the street let's pan over there to show us a police officers on motorcycles and police officers on foot clearly the crowd is very aggravated an incredible injustice only you can laugh but everyone around us like a black man. you thank you actually got to free the way to a day and i think that's just kind of voice their opinion or just a black white thing it's not just because trayvon was a little black boy it's it's it's you know the sickness here in america you know
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which you know it gets to decide who it's dangerous and who's not following three hours in the believing feet demonstrators were still walking through new york city demanding justice and dozens of police officers by their side a sporting reporting from new york marino. and then i would talk to brecht social activist and professor from the university of minnesota and she's saying is the entire american legal system is racially biased from top to bottom. all that data shows the justice system in this country is racial from the moment of impact police arrest more people older and white people. are convicted in greater numbers they serve sentences that are longer and there are greater numbers of people color in prisons in the united states are given in terms
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of their population so we already have all that data and that this we see as a continuation of. this man has been acquitted so now it's time for our government to hear our voices that's why i live in minneapolis and his state of minnesota we will have thousands of people in downtown minnesota in front of a court to share our concerns about these issues. and you can always log on to our website for monday's house and live updates on the products have now sweeping the usa with the death of trayvon martin all this and much more as i don't see don't. take a hassle and aussies are prone based on information from a reliable source claiming israel used attack us military base to launch a recent ass strike on syria on korans also condemns the media for even mentioning the altie report on his status from our middle east correspondent points here. the
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turkish foreign minister is saying to quote him it is absolutely wrong and he's accused of spreading the story of an act of betrayal he said that turkey will never be a partner nor a part of such attacks and that the ones who claim this one to damage turkey's power and reputation he slammed the turkish media for even mentioning the report now we approached the israeli defense forces for a second time asking them to comment their reply was that the response has not changed since the earlier on so and that is that they refused to comment on the issue we never got a reply from the prime minister's office there we just received an e-mail response to our request saying that they will not be participating in our broadcast we also never got a reply from the foreign affairs ministry a reminder of what we actually know at this stage a reliable source told r.t. that israel use a turkish military base to help stage the recent air strike on the syrian city of
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latakia now what we know is that it was a pre-dawn attack it happened in early july latakia is a key syrian ports not far from a russian base they were several syrian troops who were reportedly killed and wounded in that attack the r.t. sources tell us that israeli planes left that military base in turkey and approached the taqiyya from the sea and this was to make sure that they were not inside syrian airspace and so that they could not become a legitimate target of the syrian air force what is important is that the attack originated on the turkish side of the border and revelations that turkey may in fact be copulating with israel against an arab country would indeed be for lack of a better word highly inconvenient for turkey itself and for its nato allies including the united states you need to remember that turkey positions itself as a key power player and a regional why of all of israel. sec'y has
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a long running history of cooperation with a zero on both countries are united in their opposition towards the syrian government that's according to middle east affairs analyst abraham. we have an underlying strategic alliance that continues to exercise its effect and far turkey was the first islamic state to recognize israel in one thousand and forty nine and ninety nine the sects there was a free trade agreement and throughout the last few decades there was very heavy involvement in terms of military security and political cooperation the fact that this with most it's somewhat of a decrease in the last two three years should not overshadow the fact that corporation continues between the two countries over the last few months we know for a fact that both there's the elites and the turks have been supporting the free syrian
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army against the syrian regime so as far as that goes we can see where this is coming from. coming out later this hour a showdown full bahraini protests and authorities in the gold state issue of threats to the opposition ahead of a major amount of government running backs month we'll talk to one of the activists about the big event person. also more deaths on scores of the rest in a trip supporters of the toppled islam as president time to extreme measures to demand has returned and bring you want on the fresh i'll break a lot of rest assured. some of these traditional a chilly lines they've been bred and developed and passed down from generation to. this is
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a total struction of the culture of mexico by telling them i mean this this is not going to impact only mexico whatever happens here throughout the whole world now we're eating antibiotics in the in the open the you know all the organs that work for. genetically engineered crops why do you think this country is full of obese and sick people because we have a crappy food system. download the official location to you so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter how would your mobile device if you could watch your tea any time and you were.
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welcome bob this is all see in egypt at least seven people have been killed in clashes and supporters of the ousted. non they also intensified bad demands for his return to power downtown cairo saw some of the worst and rest parties that fight tear gas and pellets at the crowd which responded by hurling rocks tension surged after promo said demonstrators broke traffic to a hold by blocking a k downtown bridge over four hundred people were arrested in the capital over night this came as the u.s. deputy secretary of state called on the egyptian military to refrain from his arrest during a visit to kyra some members of the muslim brotherhood which wants more say have been detained says the army forced him out and. a senior analyst for the foreign policy in focus think tunick told my colleague metro's that a big remaining divided interruption of society will bring further trouble. i think
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there are very serious interest for egypt's young people this continue the opposition which is now in power with the military under the leadership of the military they know that they need to bring the muslim brotherhood leadership and to some kind of a coalition and they're standing and they really they should also free morsi from jail rather than now that investigating him and trying to accuse them of crimes i think that this will not hold true and they will lose support from the egyptian people the u.s. deputy secretary of state william byrd said during his visit that the u.s. will not take sides during egypt's political turmoil why do you think the u.s. took the stance after actively backing the ousted president before the coup well they're trying to protect the long range interest of the united states if they take the position only to support morsi the twenty million people in the street which resulted in a vent to a formal for
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a good you should who. they would lose all that support and they already the opposition accuses the united states of being in cahoots with the muslim brotherhood so. the long range interest of the united states is maintaining the peace treaty between egypt and israel that's their number one and the whole one point five million billion dollars was for that purpose to be very honest. just in jordan and saudi arabia. to be maintained with the new leadership i think the military will go along with that but the opposition may not go along with all the demands of u.s. foreign policy interest in middle east griese has ground to hold in the third general strike of this year it was called in response to lawmakers starting a two day long debate of a new convert him on the by international creditors and let's not discuss this with a trade mart as he's an associate professor at the department of economics at the
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aristotle university of a lonely care. not us thank you very much indeed for being with us here. this is the sad general strike this year and they're clearly not bringing the results. mission that was airstrikes there are many such an event. here and there and getting to summer of course the situation is not so pacified the kids and their current partner say remain to be she'd want to name. this frame all these saucy i lead. the pope problems. at autonomy mission on the top better the situation he's not like you see the show not hearing this time or. how our various issues you know exist in the context of the economy and that i should wish we can face the problem of the
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if we did the problem. why did do a big problem solve the country and dissent might be is the debt crisis that we faced we need we can't say and then capturing the context of the economic policy and. how our matter we see that the credit bureaus and the government craziest. and kind of point to measures which are again not say that. they more fruitful as you trace you in the short time and even named a longer out. the bill that's provides this current stand still could result in the loss of thousands of jobs but don't you think these cuts necessary to reduce the deficit. and the problem is that when they're all again they're each of the same results as yours and the other measures that that means for example. oh of course and problem very duction of the personnel are working in the public sector e.e.c.
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vital program for the greek economy however their biggest problem is not the program dealing with the expenditures of the budget the biggest problem is that program now with passage of the bottom of the public buys. this season the problem that they got are making just little and it's sort of affairs that and of course in the context of song ah then. let's save a point we see measures we're going to face in the end they can go south for those who eats exist in some sectors of the five exchange there's some an issue of the public sector they are using audi's not the measures i can not use either pretty efficiently it efficiently and to problems dealing with brother. all right. trade not as they say professor at the department of economics said the aristotle university have to saloniki missing not us thank you very much indeed and by.
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opposition groups in bahrain have called on the government to allow a major demonstration calling for greater freedoms which is planned for next month the gulf states seen violence for more than two years now with thousands of until regime protesters clashing with police almost daily and i spoke to side shahabi london based activists from the bahrain freedom movement and he says the nation's authorities have no all the arguments except force. for facing the people with weapons simply because they do not have the ability to recognize the eyes of the people and the. dictatorship they cannot accept the fact that bahrain could become a democracy they would not allow people to choose their own rulers their own and representatives their own. situations so the only way to counter these calls is by the use of force of our brains told imprisoned anxious to not build
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a job said last month his spirit is strong and that he will continue fighting for basic freedoms that how much of a thorn is a civil stance for the authorities from your point to me. what it is now exactly since no religion had been taken into custody tortured he only. attacked. also zero cars and your rights activists of course this is the would not. you want rights activists because they simply would explores the rapidity of that e.g. i hope this changes and the rise of the whole city region will remain understandable and when it is being ruled by the defensive and this particular teams. decades a war in afghanistan has brought many consequences including the sight of the world's biggest heroin industry with the amount of land and opium cultivation
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constantly on the rise it's also affecting neighboring pakistan waits now sometimes easier to get high and get fed and you may find some of the images and music come from those reports report disturbing. an ambulance rushes to kolaches largest more than other body is brought in to be identified there's no shortage of ways to die in this city target killings bomb blasts and drugs abdullah was hoping not to find his father here has been searching karachi for more than two weeks as a last resort he checked this morgue but amid the portraits of the dead a grim discovery and a familiar face abilities father was addicted to heroin for almost a decade now he's another one of the drugs casualties. but i don't know where they are going to be hard to break the news to my mother but this is what happened and we have to face it there will be tears at home tonight. tears that abdullah believes could have been prevented he says his father tried to quit several times
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but in pakistan there are few treatment centers and plenty of temptation by just i mean that i guess don has been flooded with heroin it's easy to get that it's even sold out in the open the police do nothing because they're also involved and just a few blocks away a dog underworld in broad daylight these heroin addicts don't even bother hiding their habit it's thought that pakistan has more than four million drug addicts but fewer than eighty dedicated we have clinics. held for these young people maybe in part because there's no sort of parallel to the problem they maybe pop the problem but they share one thing in common what you assert that a lot of them are moscow and heroin that deadly in. afghanistan is the world's largest producer of opium heroine's main ingredient and it accounts for ninety percent of the global supply roughly forty percent of it as smuggled through pakistan it's a multibillion dollar industry fueled by years of war and instability opium
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production is up for the third year in a row and is predicted to grow even further and once nato leaves in two thousand and fourteen there are fears that the floodgates will open for the spread of the deadly harvest you are going to get. this. wall of their school i suppose but you would be inviting end of the war which would be very difficult. to wind up and decorated with a wall of drugs pakistani security experts want nato forces to take heed they have gone drug trade is the elephant in the room the biggest challenge was fox on his face to face that in all of. twenty fourteen post for troll strategy drugs has been left out by the united states nato and other european partners as an issue which is not to be considered. the port of karachi a key drug smuggling exit point the city is flooded with cheap era when which addicts here say is easier to buy than a healthy meal and near
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a busy highway this hole in the wall serves as a makeshift heroin takeout window money goes in and drugs are pushed out into an eager waiting hands. i tell myself that i'll stop using this drug for the sake of my children that's what i'm thinking about but i can't help myself because my body needs it and the heavy winds easy to get. to easy it seems pakistanis get through an estimated one point two billion dollars worth of heroin each year but rather excess just the dollar fifty is enough to get them high. feel it spreading no it's going to my heart. straight to the heart from the heroin heartland of ghana stan a casualty of the poison spreading from the war zone next door you see catherine of karachi. and in our website for you right now to spy is jailed in germany for passing on top secret data to russia for more than twenty years may be exchanged for another agent all the details of the cold war style spy swap between moscow.
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and batsman camps in america are in money hitler ties to. a controversial billboard with the former nazi leaders surrounded by concert superheroes we're going to come to find out why. and some news just stay in the whistleblower edward snowden has reportedly now officially requested temporary political asylum in russia that's according to a member of russia's civic train but snowden has been in a moscow airport transit zone for over three weeks and of course we'll bring you more because at the top of the hour here on our city. on that thanks to a head to our washington studio album lost him to the neighborhood late his blood to the mainstream media in breaking the sound.
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or remember those old wacky communist countries who constantly boost their numbers to make themselves feel better or who cares if stores are empty and this piece of paper a one hundred thousand tonnes of potatoes that is good enough for me well now we are in a new age of technology but the same lying to make yourself feel good is still going strong it just moved over to the capitals world the u.s. state department's bureau of international information programs has spent six hundred thirty thousand dollars on facebook advertising campaigns to get fans a sense of the government is out there to buy likes or what a fantastic use of tax dollars but wait maybe i'm being too pessimistic perhaps it worked it really helped spread the message of the u.s. state department effectively wellness victor general's report says that since the advertising campaign started twenty eleven there has been a dramatic increase in users liking state department sites but the problem is that only two percent of them actually use the sites so you get what you pay for
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a big bag of likes but if you hard core fans probably the most shocking example is a vision of america group in farsi made for a rainy and which has gotten over four hundred twenty thousand members but only one percent of them is actually in iran where facebook advertising doesn't even exist that's effective getting lots of likes doesn't mean you are actually reaching people instead of paying for them why not you know get them naturally bar by providing interesting honest content on a regular basis oh wait that takes effort and honesty yeah you know what just keep wasting our tax dollars but that's just my opinion.
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you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i sent try it because you know how bad the less bad luck i don't get any i mean and i know that i'm still really messed up. in the very so closely. the. worst we're going to. find out superman the radio guy in full detail a minute. that i want. to give you never seen anything like this i'm told. comes up guys i'm abby martin love mcgregor in a set well the george zimmerman trial richmond on guilty verdict on saturday and since then protests have sparked a nationwide is acquittal.


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